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PCE Films on Naxos: available as DVDs and streaming this November:

On Nov. 12, Naxos will release four PCE "More than Music” films as part of the “Dvorak’s Prophecy” film series linked to Joe Horowitz’s new book Dvorak’s Prophecy and the Vexed Fate of Black Classical Music (W.W. Norton). “More Than Music” was conceived, written, and edited by Joe Horowitz. The technical producer was Peter Bogdanoff.

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“The Dvorak’s Prophecy film series makes an essential contribution to our understanding of the history of music in America, and of the role that music has played, and must continue to play, in American culture as a whole.  Because they do not shy away from political, racial, and gender issues of intense contemporary relevance, these films are especially important right now.”

-Larry Starr, Emeritus Professor of Music, University of Washington

To Browse or Purchase, click Dvořák's Prophecy - A New Narrative for American Classical Music

FDR’s New Deal and the Arts: The Plow that Broke the Plains and The River — What can they teach us today?
“Shostakovich and the State” with Solomon Volkov
“Deep River: The Art of the Spiritual” with Kevin Deas
PCE and Challenging Times: A New Initiative

At a moment when America’s performing arts institutions are challenged not merely to continue to function, but to function in new ways, PCE has undertaken a series of films linked to zoom chats – “PostClassical: More than Music” — exploring the role of music in society.  The topics at hand include “What is the role of culture in a nation’s life?” and “Who is an American?”

This initiative comes easily to us, as our programming typically focuses on music as an instrument for mutual understanding and human betterment.

We began our "More than Music” films with
Deep River: The Art of the Spiritual, in which we were joined by PCE Resident Artist Kevin Deas. Other titles in the series explore the Mexican genius Silvestre Revueltas and the New Deal documentaries scored by Virgil Thomson. You will find these films below.

We are thrilled that, in addition, four “More than Music” films will be released by Naxos in November both as DVDs and streamed videos.

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